On Saturday, Missy took me out to a dancing club in town called Villa.  Let’s just say it was an incredible cultural learning experience.

  1. It’s ok to show your Man Love here.  It’s ok for men to hold hands. It’s ok for men to ‘dirty dance’ or ‘bump and grind’ with each other. Men can happily do any of these things without people assuming that they are gay.
  2. The Music – There is quite a variety of music here.  There is obviously a lot of African music, but people enjoy North American music too. Shaggy is a God here.  People can’t get enough of him.  Bieber fever made it to Africa too. Missy and I proudly told our African friends that he lived REALLY CLOSE to us in Canada, as everyone crooned and grooved to “One Time.”
  3. Boys dance way more than girls do here.  And they really like to dance with each other.  For the better part of the night, most boys got their man dance on and ignored every female at the bar.
  4. The clubs here are really ‘all ages.’ 12 year olds are more than welcome if they’ve got a couple thousand shillings they’re ready to part with.
  5. This last one is a generalization, but African’s are REALLY good dancers.  I felt pretty incompetent for most of the evening.